The beginning
The Prologue NFTs were a small, pre-launch collection for early supporters.
Only 11 copies exist, which can be viewed here:​
These NFTs were minted using our partner Page DAO's book minter, as beautiful PDFs viewable and readable directly on marketplaces such as Opensea.
These prologues convey a number of unique perks, including:
- The first and most limited collectible in our entire long-term ecosystem
- Free airdrop of a full Book NFT once they are live
- "Community Founder" discord role, with VIP perks
- Name in the acknowledgements of Book 1 as early supporters
- Free signed copies of all three physical books in the trilogy
- Unlocks a select few exclusive perks/abilities in the Tales of Rúnsala RPG
6 copies of the Prologue NFTs were offered for sale in August 2022. 3 copies are being given to engaged community members.
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