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Who the heck even are these people

Rae Wojcik (@sitkarae) - Co-founder, Author Instagram: Author/blog site: Rae is a fiction author, freelance editor, author coach, blogger, and journalist. She's been writing since before she could write (narrating stories for her mom to write as a young kid), and the Sitka Saga has been in the works as her go-to creative outlet for over a decade. Rae is a lead writer for Northern Wilds magazine and Boreal Media, and in addition to being a writer for Adimverse, has written celebrated stories for Web3 brands such as Opus Labs and Arity Club:

She's also hosted well-received workshops for leading Web3 communities, including Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult and Roo Troop:

You can read more about her author coaching, editing, and workshop offerings at her site:

Stephen (@beaver0) - Co-founder, CEO Twitter: Stephen is an online entrepreneur, film professional, actor, and NFT enthusiast. While his professional background is in wealth management (research and trading), he went into business for himself doing online marketing and running an agency of his own for a year, before finding Web3. Now he is deeply involved in a number of Web3 projects and teams, especially those focused on quality storytelling and real-world utility. He has published a book on freelance pricing called Flat Fee Freelancer.

Nate Crandall (@crandallart) - Artist Instagram: Nate is a really good artist, and an all-around good guy. Check out his IG. What more do you need to know?

Edward Carpenter (@Edward Carpenter) - Community Educator Twitter: Edward travels and writes extensively. Educated in Harvard's Creative Writing program, he is a member of the Washington Post talent pool and has published articles on topics ranging from cyber security to suicide prevention. Having published several books in print and e-book formats, his current focus is on creating literary NFTs and documenting the evolution of books on the blockchain.

David (@DaTurkeyslayer | Sitka) - Community & Project Manager Twitter: LinkedIn: David has years of experience as a Systems Administrator/Business Analyst and is currently working full time for Jamf, a global software company. He can't help but note here that he is a complete fanboy of Brandon Sanderson's literary mastery, and is incredibly excited to see the world of Sitka unfold. His main creative outlet is photography (which he's really good at btw, you can check out some of his work here:

Bryan (@bryan94.eth) - Advisor Twitter: Bryan's a serial entrepreneur, Web3 leader, and investor. With businesses that generate over $100 million/year in sales, a 7-figure NFT and crypto portfolio, and a new Web3 startup under his lead (, it's fair to say he's been around the block. Plus he's just a really great guy.

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