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Benefits for Fans

This community is a place for fans who love Sitka and her world, giving them the opportunity to actually connect directly with the author (Rae).
Most fans do not have a readily-available central community to bond with fellow fans, much less the ability to get to know the author and discuss the story with her.
A few specific initiatives we are leading:
  • Sitka Story Hours: this is our main community event to build out the world of Sitka. We meet weekly to brainstorm an aspect of the world both in text and via AI art generation, and enshrine the results in our Discord server and in an epic free digital trading card such as the one below:
  • Monthly "Coffee Chat" topical discussions with the founders
  • Early access to the story
  • Creative Sprints: one-hour sessions for focused creative work
  • Tales of Rúnsala RPG: We have developed our own custom-built, fully-fledged text-based RPG that can be played in our discord. See some previews in Metaverse and Gaming
  • Monthly Book club
  • Interactive short story adventures in Discord using our custom bot
  • Email newsletter: signup link:
  • Referral bonus system for bringing work to the Guild of Scribes.
  • Future: Exclusive short stories & BTS footage (once show is in development); Custom commissioned artwork by Nate; Metaverse and game experiences (see Metaverse and Gaming); scholarship fund for community projects

Benefits for Writers

We are also a hub for creative writers in Web3, and aim to help fellow storytellers with improving their craft, publishing works, finding writing work, or growing a brand.
There are a few ways we are serving writers:
  • Story Q&A sessions (to spark conversation on pre-planned, practical writing-related topics)
  • Guild of Scribes: our network of top writers serving the broader NFT community
  • Online education: We already have a small "library" of resources for writers, but are working on building a full-fledged e-learning course for writers.
  • Workshopping events/group critiquing
  • Author services: we offer a number of services for writers including 1:1 coaching, editing, publishing help, and audiobook creation. Discord members and NFT holders can receive discounts on these services, which are listed here:
  • Future: Opportunities to own and license IP for user-created characters and titles

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