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The plan


Book 1 of the first trilogy, I Am the North, will be finished as a manuscript and prepared for e-book, audiobook, paperback, and collectible hardcover formats.
The book will feature multiple cover art variations, as well as interior illustrations, hand-drawn by our amazing artist Nate.
Before releasing conventional formats of the book, we will work with Kosmos to publish the story in an immersive gamified web reader for our community.


Once the first book is done we will begin a massive marketing campaign with authors, book influencers, and personal development leaders: all leading to a book presale event.
There will be various perks for those that participate in the presale, including some free digital access passes that will unlock additional opportunities for IP creation, early access to content, networking, collectibles, and gaming.
At this stage we intend to sign on a production company for the first TV show.​


After the first book is published, we will launch a "Bring out the magic within you" campaign to help readers share about their experience with the story.
​We will continue ongoing Story Hours (community world-building), choose-your-adventure short stories, and other events and challenges in our discord community.
​Community members will be able to start creating characters and whole titles eligible for to be incorporated into the ecosystem with full IP rights for the creator.
​And as we develop a TV there, there may be some behind-the-scenes previews and opportunities along the way :)


We see gaming as simply an extension of storytelling, in its most immersive form. Our vision is to build out Rúnsala as fully as possible in select metaverse and gaming environments, with meaningful story quests that tie into the story arcs of the Sitka Saga so that fans can more directly embody their own journeys.
Additionally, we have already developed our own custom text-based RPG called Tales of Rúnsala (ToR), which you can play in our Discord.


All this so far is JUST for the first book/season. We aim to create a generational IP movement, and keep creating content in this ecosystem our entire lives.
A strong story-based franchise has many additional growth options, including graphic novels, merchandise, clothing & brand deals, jewelry, IRL experiences and trips, even theme park rides - all things we envision.
Your feedback and contributions will play a huge role in where this all goes. And we truly look forward to that journey.
Note: We are exploring some optional Web3 tools that may be incorporated because of the unique ways tokenized data can be used for a story-based community (see for full details on why this intrigues us). However, there is plenty of value here for anyone regardless of whether or not you are interested in that. If you are new to Web3 and interested in exploring that side of things, we've created a "New to NFTs" guide for our community.