The plan
Basic project outline:
  • We will publish at least three books as part of the Sitka Saga.
    • Each Book with be published serially in three Acts each
    • In addition to publishing physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks, we are in talks with a number of Web3 publishers including BookCoin for exploring ways to launch the manuscripts themselves in a fully decentralized, immutable reader
  • We have weekly community Story Hours to give fans the opportunity to help contribute to the world-building of the Sitka Saga. Additionally, after the launch of Act I we will have a community authorship program that will earn 50% of ALL subsequent royalties, including NFT, eBook, audiobook, and physical book royalties. See Royalty Sharing for more details.
  • Our genesis NFT collection will be Act I. Most Act I holders will have the opportunity to get Acts II and III NFTs for free.
  • Holders of all three Act NFTs will be able to burn them in exchange for one Book NFT. This will be your final lifetime ticket to our ecosystem, and active owners who are part of our community marketing program will have eligibility for 10x the royalty share vs. owning an individual Act.
  • Books 2 and 3 will be launched in a similar manner over the next couple years, scaling with each launch.
  • Simultaneously, we will continue exploring opportunities to get the Saga on screen and in games.
  • Throughout, we will be investing in our community through education, coaching, and support to help them develop their storytelling skills, while we expand our Guild of Scribes - the go-to hub for creative writers in Web3.
Note: We are exploring some optional Web3 tools that may be incorporated because of the unique ways tokenized data can be used for a story-based community (see for full details on why this intrigues us). However, there is plenty of value here for anyone regardless of whether or not you are interested in that. If you are new to Web3 and interested in exploring that side of things, we've created a "New to NFTs" channel in our Discord server to help you get oriented.
The other pages in this section will explore these points in more detail - click below to keep reading:
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