Core Values

what we want to be known for


We want to be a place where you can truly be free to be yourself - a fun, genuine oasis for creative souls to connect in.


We want to always be known as a reliable place that does things right the first time. We are building something special here and are in it for the long haul.


Providing a space for readers and fans of Sitka World to connect with each other and the author was one of our original goals with this, as is helping working writers network and support each other’s craft. Leadership is accountable to the community, not the other way around. “Our project” and “our community” are synonymous. We take feedback seriously.


Collaboration is more powerful and more fun than competition. We don’t need to reinvent everything ourselves, but rather only build in our few areas of genius while providing you connections and access to everything else.


Hype may make people buy, but value is what makes people stay. It would be irresponsible to expect value from our community and not provide greater value in return.

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