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It's been real
We are incredibly grateful that you are here, and so excited to build with you.
We are in this for the long haul, and are confident we will build insane value and have a blast together over time.
We believe value is always strongest when 1. created in response to demand, i.e. coming from a place of awareness and close alignment with what a community really benefits from, and 2. created in a state of flow, i.e. coming from those that are in tune with their innate intuition and inspiration, with clarity and focus, freedom and power.
Our focus is on creating from that place of inspired abundance, in alignment with you, our community.
Your focus is vitally important as well, as you co-create that community and (consciously or not) are always giving feedback on what works.
So once, again, truly, thank you for believing in this and for being here.
Be sure to follow us on twitter (, and join our Discord ( you aren't in the community already.
Rae & Stephen