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While NFTs are a more experimental technology and not something that will be needed for simply reading or watching the story, we see immense potential for how decentralized, community ownership can be used in storytelling communities in ways that haven't been feasible before Web3.

NFTs will be able to essentially serve as dynamic, personalized access passes, as well as allow ways for user-generated content to be licensed.

NFT Utility may include:

  • Transforming generic NFTs (e.g. "Academy Student", "Northern Villager", etc.) into new characters on-chain, and submitting for consideration to be incorporated into future books with licensing rights.

  • Separate NFTs with conditional IP rights to potentially hundreds of new titles in the ecosystem (free drop for holders by application, with shared distribution and marketing for those with the best output).

  • Web3 gaming/metaverse partnerships that allow users to play as their character in partner games, and create quests and build out the world of Rúnsala.

  • Lifetime access to the core fan community that helps contribute to the story (via weekly "story hours" for group worldbuilding and regular story feedback systems with rewards), and what would otherwise be subscription-based education, coaching, access to the author, exclusive BTS previews and sneak peaks, and more.

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