Council of Elders

Now we will retreat into a cloud of smoke and congratulate each other on being masters of the universe
The Council of Elders is a volunteer advisory board of experts in various fields that are committed to helping Sika World reach its full potential.
There will be a hard cap of 100 Elders long term, but we are in no rush to fill that cap; quality of applications will matter more than quantity.
There aren't any set time commitments, just the good faith expectation that you will lend your ideas, questions, and answers to the council in order to help refine and strengthen the project.
We are open to any skills, expertise, or connections you want to offer to the project, but note the specific areas of expertise we are particularly interested in:
  • NFT Strategy & Partnerships
  • Publishing
  • Development
  • Author Support
  • Metaverse and Gaming
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Marketing
The Elders get access to a private Trello board that details our roadmap and action items with the live status of each.
Applications for the Council can be found in our Discord.