Important Disclaimers
Sitka World NFTs are unique collectibles that represent ownership of digital art, and grant access to gated community benefits such as coaching, networking, and entertainment. They will also be the only way to get early access to reading the Sitka Saga book manuscripts. They are utility passes with specific benefits relevant to creative writers and fantasy readers, and would not generally make sense to hold unless you plan to make use of the utility. Sitka World NFTs do NOT constitute securities and should NOT be purchased with the expectation of profit. There is no guarantee of any secondary market for our NFTs.
Funds received from sale of NFTs are payments to the creators for their creative works and their time in serving you, and there should be no expectation that the funds will necessarily be used to grow the Sitka World brand.
Any royalty sharing is only for those that apply to, are accepted by, and remain active and in good standing with the community authorship program. They are incentives for participating in creating the story and neither guaranteed nor automatic. Program members are NOT considered co-authors and do not have rights to copyright of the story or characters, but participate by giving feedback to the rights holder.
While community member and NFT holders do not have copyrights to any Sitka World characters, they ARE encouraged to freely create whatever stories or creative assets they want with any characters or themes from Sitka World without limitation, as long as those are not made for sale.
Sitka World is a brand owned by Northernwords LLC.
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