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As we said before: The brands that last in Web3 are those that are the most interconnected. Collaboration is more powerful and more fun than competition. We don’t need to reinvent everything ourselves, but rather build in our few areas of genius while providing you connections and access to everything else.

Official Partners:

  • Book Coin: Website: A leading Web3 book project that is working with some top authors. We hold a Metalibrary Founders card, and are likely to launch manuscripts through Book Coin's reader app.
  • The Shadow Syndicate: Twitter: This is an upcoming project building an alpha community with multiple "guilds" for hand-picked workers in various areas of web3. We will be essentially managing the writers guild with them, and get access to top-notch alpha for our holders in return. They are also building content and support to help members become the best versions of themselves, developing personal and environmental health.
  • Website: Building a solution to allow any NFT holder to add lore and other rich metadata to NFTs. Will be partnering with our Guild of Scribes to help source writers for brands and NFT owners.
  • The Kingdom Website: Gaming guild and infrastructure for community-based and cross-project gamified lore, games, character creation, and rewards.
  • Arity: Website: This is a project focused on gold and gemstone mining as well as luxury experiences - with a quality team, dedicated long-term focused community, and creative real-world utility. In addition to helping them build out their own lore and gamified story assets, we are planning to partner in a number of ways, such as:
    1. 1.
      Access to gold from their mines. This will be a very special benefit only be available to holders of a number of Sitka NFTs.
    2. 2.
      Jewelry from the Sitka story produced and sold IRL.
    3. 3.
      Gold leaf collectible books.
  • Readl: Website: Readl has one of the best-functioning Web3 reader experiences so far. They aim to power a generation of decentralized manuscripts while being as user-friendly as possible for people new to NFTs. We are part of Readl's Ambassador program.
  • Scholar & Scribe: Website: S&S has an active community of writers, along with an excellent storytelling online course we will be adding to and collaborating on.
  • Dreamland Genesis: Website: This is a story-based, collaborative metaverse and gaming project that has shown the strength of tight community, organic growth, long-term vision, and a dedicated team.
    • We will be incorporating our characters into their Dreamland metaverse, with playable in-game avatars for our holders.
  • Synesis One: Website:
    This is a leading AI Web3 project. Their mission is to decentralize both the training and rewards of generalized AI. There are a number of creative synergies that can be gained with our community of writers:
    1. 1.
      They are building out a service offering to provide gamified story-based experiences to other brands, and will be looking for writers to help provide content for their partners
    2. 2.
      We plan to create an AI trained in the world of Sitka, using our manuscripts and writing community to train it. Then we can build an AI bot to interact in our discords as a character from the story, as well as potentially have a tool to help with crafting Sitka fanfiction.
    3. 3.
      We plan to collaborate on a gamified, play-to-earn graphic novel for the Sitka universe, similar to the Quantum Neosis graphic novel they have already created:
    4. 4.
      Synesis One anticipates that their AI may be among the first to be able to actually translate fiction books well, which could be a service helpful to our writers.
  • Page DAO: Website: Page DAO is a decentralized community for supporting authors and their web3 projects. They were the first project to allow anyone to easily mint a readable NFT book. They have a sizable community of Literature NFT enthusiasts. We have a dedicated channel in Page DAO and have been awarded a grant by them. They are also launching a writing "bounty" platform for paid writing gigs that our Guild of Scribes will work with.
  • Mintangible Website: Mintangible specializes in helping develop and implement IP strategy for NFTs with clear legal documentation attached to NFTs. They have offered to help launch and showcase our project.
  • Cryptoversal: Cryptoversal is an upcoming platform for NFT book minting/marketplace, as well as a community for authors to get help navigating the space and publishing their own works. They've developed a cool way of tying NFT ownership with physical books with NFC chips, and will be offering bespoke publishing services our holders will be able to get a discount for.
  • Enigma Economy: Website: Enigma Economy is a decentralized crypto mining project, focused on long-term, real-world utility. A few of us are on the Enigma team.

Likely Partners/Unofficial Collaborators:

(In ongoing discussions)
  • Heroic Story: Website: This is a leading Web3 collaborative fantasy writing community. They have a large active group of storytellers world-building together with several weekly events. We've collaborated for some events and contests in the past, and are looking to develop some lore integration.
  • Story Prima: Website: Business incubator for story-based Web3 projects.
  • Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult Website: Building the next decentralized LOTR, where owners can contribute their own character's lore, and wizards can be included in film, comics, and other brand IP. They are also building an awesome RPG video game. Rae has hosted a writing workshop for the community and we have submitted a grant with the DAO to partner more closely.
  • Pendium (formerly Open Quill) Website: Web3 writers collective and publishing tools; have worked with the Lootverse on collaborative fantasy world-building funded by grants.
  • Story Co Website: Story DAO is producing the next generation of community-led IP for Hollywood. We hold a producer token.
  • Opus Labs Website: Opus Labs is a leading go-to-market firm for Web3 strategy and execution. We have helped them communicate their own story, and hope to be able to work with future clients of theirs in similar ways.
  • Storyverse Website: Storyverse has a leading tool to allow NFT holders to create interactive story scenes that are embedded within a Storyverse land plot.
  • Storya: Website: They have created an app that allows any author to translate books for free, and will soon be adding AI narration and artwork capabilities as well.
  • Creatokia: Website: Started by a traditional publishing house, they are working to bring books to the blockchain.
  • Alexandria Labs: Website: Also a project bringing books to the blockchain, along with providing a suite of author services
  • Kangaroo Stories: Website: This is a project working to bring story-telling assets to Web3 (and celebrity) brands. They have an app that supports custom choose-your-own-adventure gamified stories. They've helped train our community on writing interactive fiction.


Like with all areas of our project, we are ALWAYS open to suggestions and would love to hear your ideas for collaborations to make our community and value proposition stronger. Message us on twitter if you have suggestions: