Guild of Scribes
The Guild of Scribes is our inner core group of vetted creative writers.
Here is our intake form for prospective clients:​
Being a member of the Guild of Scribes will give you access to two main benefits that not all holders will have:
  1. 1.
    Access to paid writing opportunities in the Web3 space. We have a number of developing collabs in this area and are aiming to market our group and aggregate all writing Web3 jobs for those that prove themselves worthy of them.
  2. 2.
    Guild-only chat for networking and collaborating among the top storytellers in the space
How to get in will remain a bit of a mystery on purpose; but if you are good at creative storytelling and want to get in, and pay attention in our discord, you will have the opportunity.
IMPORTANT: Once our NFTs launch, you will need to hold an NFT in order to be eligible to be invited to the Guild, or to remain if you are already in it. Similarly, once the full Book NFTs launch, a Book NFT will be needed.

Bringing Storytelling to Web3 Brands

There is huge power in storytelling for community, brand, and marketing.
We market our services as a group to help pair working authors with paid gigs (we have a pitch deck we are sending to interested brands). Creative writing needs that many NFT projects have include:
  • lore
  • books (novels and short stories)
  • graphic novels/manga
  • web copy
  • game narrative
  • choose-your-own adventure apps
  • individual NFT/avatar bios
  • blog posts/content marketing
  • social media
  • newsletters
  • scriptwriting
  • comics
  • discord role-playing, and creative discord experiences
  • translating
  • editing
In our opinion this is an incredibly under-appreciated area of real need for the NFT space.
For so many projects it's painfully obvious that the lore is a hasty afterthought to try to imbue a sense of meaning to an existing project.
But often for communities to turn into long-term fan clubs, it's critical to have deep world-building and well-developed characters that fans emotionally connect with. Think of all the Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Marvel fans: that doesn't happen with a 5 paragraph "lore" section on a website. Arguably the most successful NFT project has been Veve with their Marvel and Disney NFTs.
We are seeing established NFT brands like Yuga Labs start to develop their own novels and films, and it's likely only a matter of time until more NFT brands catch on.
We aim to show other projects the potential they are leaving on the table.
And the best way to show them that, is by showing them good storytelling that works.
If you're up to the challenge, you can be a part of that.
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